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Breaking Rules of Social Behavior Makes You Appear Powerful

May 31, 2011 coms 0

A study published in the current Social Psychological and Personality Science, reveals interesting insights into how breaking rules of social behavior influences perceived power. The study found that those who smiled less, talked louder, and interrupted others were perceived to be more powerful.

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Women are silenced and sexualized in film

April 29, 2011 coms 0

A new study by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California (USC) found that when it comes to movies, women are seen rather than heard.

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Language Style Matching (LSM) may predict the future of relationships

October 4, 2010 coms 0

Ireland and Pennebaker are investigating whether LSM during everyday conversation can be used to predict the beginning and end of romantic relationships. Style matching has the potential to quickly and easily reveal whether any given pair of people — ranging from business rivals to romantic partners — are psychologically on the same page and what this means for their future together.

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Perception of Emotion Is Culture-Specific

September 17, 2010 coms 0

Want to know how a Japanese person is feeling? Pay attention to the tone of his voice, not his face. That’s what other Japanese people would do, anyway. A new study examines how Dutch and Japanese people assess others’ emotions and finds that Dutch people pay attention to the facial expression more than Japanese people do.

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Politicians’ Hand Gestures Reveal Their Good and Bad Thoughts

September 13, 2010 coms 0

Politicians’ gestures can reveal their thoughts, according to a new study published in the open-access journal PLoS ONE. ‘In laboratory tests, right- and left-handers associate positive ideas like honesty and intelligence with their dominant side of space and negative ideas with their non-dominant side’, says Daniel Casasanto of the MPI for Psycholinguistics.

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Tough Sounding Men Really Are Tough

June 22, 2010 coms 0

Hormones have a large impact on the body. In women, hormones during fertile times can increase the pitch of her voice. Similarly, testosterone has an effect on men’s voices by making them deeper. But a new study takes it one step further showing that an individual’s strength and the tough sound of their voice are in fact linked.