Communication Colleges

For prospective students of the communication major looking to receive a communication degree, here is a list of colleges by state and whether they offer undergraduate or graduate programs:

University of Alabama (UA) (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Arizona State University (ASU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Arizona (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Arkansas State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Cal Poly (Undergraduate)
California State University at Fullerton (Undergraduate, Graduate)
California State University at Northridge (CSUN) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Cal State University Bakersfield (CSUB) (Undergraduate)
Pepperdine University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
San Jose State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Sonoma University (Undergraduate)
Stanford (Undergraduate, Graduate)
UC San Diego (UCSD) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Santa Barbara (UCSB) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
USC (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Colorado State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Colorado at Boulder (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Colorado at Denver (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Denver (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Connecticut (UConn) (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Florida Atlantic University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Florida State University (FSU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Miami (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of South Florida (USF) (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Georgia State University (GSU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Georgia (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Northwestern University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Chicago at Illinois – UIC (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Indiana University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Purdue University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Iowa (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Kansas (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Kentucky (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Louisiana State University (LSU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Maryland (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Boston University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Michigan State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Wayne State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Minnesota (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Winona State University (Undergraduate)

University of Southern Mississippi (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Columbia Missouri (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Lincoln-Nebraska (UNL) (Undergraduate, Graduate)

New Jersey
Rutgers (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Nevada, Reno (Undergraduate)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Undergraduate, Graduate)

New Mexico
University of New Mexico (Undergraduate, Graduate)

New York
Alfred University (Undergraduate)
Cornell University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
New York University (NYU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University at Albany (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University at Buffalo (SUNY) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Syracuse University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

North Carolina
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Undergraduate)

North Dakota
North Dakota State University (NDSU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of North Dakota (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Baldwin Wallace College (Undergraduate)
Bowling Green State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Kent State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Ohio University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Ohio State University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Oklahoma (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Northwest Christian University (Undergraduate)
University of Oregon (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Western Oregon University (Undergraduate)

Duquesne University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Penn State (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Pennsylvania (Penn) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Pittsburgh (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Villanova University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Memphis (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Tennessee (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Texas A&M University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Texas Tech University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of North Texas (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Texas at Austin (Undergraduate, Graduate)

Christopher Newport University (Undergraduate)
James Madison University (Undergraduate)

University of Washington (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Washington State University (WSU) (Undergraduate, Graduate)
Western Washington University (Undergraduate)

Washington, D.C.
Gallaudet University (Undergraduate)
Howard University

West Virginia
Marshall University (Undergraduate, Graduate)
West Virginia University (Undergraduate, Graduate)

University of Wisconsin–Madison (Undergraduate, Graduate)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Undergraduate, Graduate)


  1. Villanova’s Department of Communication should also be on the Pennsylvania list. We have both graduate and undergraduate programs. For more details, check out the website!

  2. Under Oregon, you might add Northwest Christian University, which has an undergraduate Speech Communication major.

  3. Do you know of any other resources? I intend on applying to a masters program (or a PhD if no terminal masters is offered) in media studies / communication, technology, and society. There are about 10 universities that roughly fit my interest, with a handful of those that do fit them very well.

    The National Communication Association put out a list of PhD programs ranked by the different disciplines within communications, but I have already exhausted that list

  4. The Texas list should include University of North Texas, which offers both B.A. and M.A./M.S. degrees in Communication Studies.

  5. You might want to add Nevada to the list. The university of Nevada Reno and the university of Nevada Las Vegas both offer bachelors and masters degree programs in communication.

  6. Under Wisconsin you should add University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees (MA and PhD). Thanks!

  7. I think you should also provide a list of schools in Arkansas. I know for sure that Arkansas State offers both an undergraduate and
    a graduate degree in Communication Studies.


    Bradley Haynes

  8. West Virginia University has a tremendous Communication Studies Program which includes BA, MA (Communication/Instructional/Corporate) and PhD.

    J. Richards, MA ’02

  9. Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton has the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. It offers BA degrees in Communication Studies and Multimedia Studies as well as offering graduate MA degrees in Communication Studies.

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