Apple’s Secret Training Manual Reveals Genius Communication Tactics

September 2, 2012 coms 0

Tech blog Gizmodo has reportedly received a copy of the Apple Store’s closely guarded training manual, which introduces new employees (“Geniuses” in Apple parlance) to Apple’s empathetic customer service routines and policies. Apple has not confirmed that Gizmodo has a legitimate copy of the manual, however. The guide contains a list of “positive” and […]

Humans and Chimps Found to Communicate Similarly [Study]

August 28, 2012 coms 1

In a recent study, Stirling researcher Dr. Ana Roberts found that the chimpanzees used from 20-30 hand gestures as a means of communication. Roberts’ findings could reshape how we think about language evolution. “Chimpanzees use the gestures intentionally to elicit a desired response from other chimpanzees,” said Roberts.

The Disembodied Body Language of Email

May 17, 2012 Jeffrey Ventrella 0

With computer-mediated communication, reading and writing have become a tango. Text is ephemeral, disposable, spontaneous – much like real-time natural language. In fact, texting occurs at near-conversation rates. How does this alter our experience of the written word? When text communication approaches this rate of exchange, something new kicks in: emotions and fleeting thoughts get mingled with the generation of words.

5 Things Howard Stern Can Teach You About Communicating

May 16, 2012 coms 0

With the selection of Howard Stern as a new panel member on America’s Got Talent, it made me realize that behind all his controversy, he’s doing something right. As a radio personality, talk show host, and prominent media figure, Howard Stern knows a few things about the world of communication. It makes sense considering he graduated magna cum laude with a communications degree from Boston University.

3 Nonverbal Hacks to Improve Your Credibility

March 19, 2012 coms 0

Credibility is everything. Newspapers that get the facts wrong are torn to shreds and politicians lacking experience don’t get elected, while people in lab coats command our respect immediately. Communication scholars define credibility as being the perception of one’s competence, trustworthiness, and goodwill. But as you probably know, perceptions can be hacked.

Deep-Voiced Politicians Favored by Voters [Study]

March 16, 2012 coms 0

According to a report published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, voters may naturally prefer politicians who have deeper voices. Biologists from Duke University collaborated with a political scientist from the University of Miami to determine voter preferences regarding the pitch of a candidate’s voice.