What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Graphology - Handwriting
Your handwriting can reveal insights into your personality.

The pen is mightier than the sword, so they say. But did you know that the humble pen can also reveal hidden insights into your personality? The study of handwriting is known as ‘graphology’ and is taken very seriously in some circles. It is said that things like the roundness of your Ss and the loopiness of your Ls can reveal things that you might not realize – including up to 5000 different personality traits!

So forget star signs, palm reading and hours of sitting on a psychiatrist’s sofa trying to get to grips with the inner you – and take a closer look at that note-pad of yours. Below you’ll find some key attributes to look out for in your scribbles, which should help you to dot the Is and cross the Ts of your very own personality test…

Getting in shape

When you look at a page of your writing, what general shapes leap out at you?

a) Rounded letters – Smooth lines suggest creativity and artistic abilities. Those with rounded writing are often good at drawing, painting, acting and other imaginative pursuits.

b) Pointy, jagged letters – These indicate aggression and intensity in the writer. People who pen sharp letters tend to be very intelligent and curious about their surroundings.

c) Connected letters – Joined-up shapes denote that you are logical and take time and care over decision making. They also suggest that you think in a way that is systematic rather than sporadic.

Size matters

How big is your handwriting?

a) Large – You have a larger than life personality and are probably pretty outgoing. In all likelihood you’re a people-person who loves to entertain.

b) Medium sized – You are well-adjusted and adaptable with a fondness for spending time with other people, but also have an appreciation of ‘me-time’.

c) Small – As you might have guessed those with small handwriting tend to be introspective and shy. You are methodical and focused and find it easy to concentrate on one thing for an extended amount of time.

Space exploration

How much space is there between your letters and words?

a) A generous amount of space – You are someone who relishes having freedom; you like to do things in your own time without being overwhelmed or crowded.

b) They are crowded on the page – This shows that you are prone to irritability and to piling constant pressure upon yourself.

Lean on me…

Do the letters you write tend to slant one way or the other?

a) To the right – You are a sociable type who enjoys being open to new experiences and the world around you.

b) To the left – You are a solitary type who enjoys your own company; you don’t object to working behind the scenes but don’t really enjoy the limelight.

c) Not at all – You are a practical type who prefers to be guided by logic rather than emotions, as such you tend to have quite a guarded attitude to your feelings.

Under pressure

How hard do you tend to press down on the paper when you are writing?

a) Hard – You are in all likelihood quite an intense person who is quick to anger and can become aggressive when provoked.

b) Average or hardly at all – You are a laid-back person who enjoys relaxing and going with the flow.

The need for speed

How quickly do you tend to jot things down?

a) Quickly – You’re an impatient person who dislikes delays and gets frustrated with time-wasters.

b) Slowly – You value organisation over speed and like to approach things methodically in a self-reliant manner.

Sign on the dotted line

How easy is it to read your signature?

a) Legible – An easy-to-read signature expresses confidence and integrity in a person. They are commonly good leaders who are not afraid to share their true selves with those around them.

b) Illegible – A hard-to-read signature expresses a need for privacy and a person who may find it difficult to express emotion openly.

Loop the loopy

Does your handwriting include lots of open loops?

a) Very loopy – You are a sociable and imaginative individual who is very sensitive to criticism.

b) Not loopy – You are a reclusive individual, who tends to be very independent and can often be emotionally isolated.


Let’s take a closer look at individual letters within your handwriting, which say more about you than you might think…

When it comes to Ls:

a) Closed loops (so the upstroke and downstroke overlap) – Imply that the writer is feeling tense and restricted in some way.

b) Full, open loops – Imply the writer is relaxed and spontaneous and probably finds it relatively easy to express themselves.

When it comes to Es:

a) Restricted loops – You’re a skeptical type who tends to remain unpersuaded by emotional arguments, opting for logic over sentiment.

b) Full loops – You’re an open-minded type who is open to – and enthusiastic about – trying new things.

When it comes to Ss:

a) Rounded – You are motivated by pleasing those around you and would always veer towards compromise over confrontation.

b) Pointy – You enjoy the study of new things and would describe yourself as an intellectual. You are ambitious and like to probe and challenge the assumptions of those around you.

When it comes to Is:

a) The dot is right above the I – You have excellent attention to detail and organisational skills.

b) The dot is high above the I – You have great imagination and creativity.

c) The dot is to the left of the I – You will never do today what can be put off until tomorrow and are particularly prone to procrastination.

d) The dot is a circle above the I – You embrace your inner child in all things and have visionary tendencies.

e) More of a slash than a dot – Your standards are very high for both yourself and those around you and you tend to get irritated by people who don’t learn from their mistakes.

When it comes to Os:

a) Open in the center – You’re a bit of a chatterbox who finds it easy to be open and express your feelings.

b) Closed in the center – You’re introverted and sometimes shy and limit how much you share your personal feeling and who with.

When it comes to Ts:

a) The crossbar is in the middle – You like to play it safe and are averse to risk.

b) The crossbar is short – You have a lack of determination and are easily swayed from the task in hand.

c) The crossbar is long – You are stubborn at times but also demonstrate great determination.

d) The crossbar in on the very top of the T – You’re an ambitious idealist with a can-do attitude and excellent levels of self-esteem.

e) The crossbar crosses downward at the top of the T – You tend to dominate your environment and can overwhelm those around you with your authoritative nature.

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