Improving Your Vocal Toolbox – Tips from Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure

When you speak, do people listen?

If you answered no or sometimes, Julian Treasure, sound consultant, says in this Ted Talk video that may be because of some bad habits.

He believes many stop listening because of habits like gossip, judging, negativity, excuses, lying, and dogmatism; and in order to command attention, one must use what he describes as the four cornerstones of powerful speech: honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love (a.k.a. HAIL).

But you already know that, right? That’s basic stuff.

But what you may know less about, is the physiological tools we possess and can also improve. Those are the ability to change our register, pitch, pace, volume and much more. If you’re not aware of how those can be used, this video gives some good examples of how to use or not use these tools.

Near the end of the speech he also goes into some basic vocal warmups to do before any important conversation or speech.

If you’re new to communication, this is a good intro into learning how to take command of your voice. And the more you practice, the more powerful your communication will become.

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