5 Things Howard Stern Can Teach You About Communicating

May 16, 2012 coms 0

With the selection of Howard Stern as a new panel member on America’s Got Talent, it made me realize that behind all his controversy, he’s doing something right. As a radio personality, talk show host, and prominent media figure, Howard Stern knows a few things about the world of communication. It makes sense considering he graduated magna cum laude with a communications degree from Boston University.

5 Ways Not to Bore Your Audience

April 6, 2012 Clint Cora 0

If you are ever to be asked to do a presentation in front of people either at school, work or at a social event like a wedding, you definitely want to do your best so that you are not labeled as a boring presenter. As a trained professional speaker myself, I can let you in on a few secrets and tricks that will help you make it over to the good presenters side rather than the boring speakers camp.

Lost Hiker

How NOT to Lose your Audience in your Presentation

March 27, 2012 Dr. Michelle Mazur 2

Have you ever been hiking and the trail suddenly disappears? All of the sudden, you don’t know where you are going. You are lost! You have to struggle to find the trail to push forward or you have to turn back. Like hiking, when speaking the last thing you want is to get lost. Luckily by following some good hiking advice, your speech can keep the audience engaged and on the same happy trail as you.

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Improve Your Speaking by Listening – To Yourself!

July 26, 2011 fmiller 0

As speakers, we know we can always improve. Videoing ourselves is a great tool to use to view, review, and improve. However, it focuses on everything. Rather than trying to better both our content and delivery, it often helps to target specific parts of our presentation. The delivery component has two parts: verbal and nonverbal. This post addresses one specific part – verbal delivery.

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Why Speak?

July 14, 2011 fmiller 0

Many people looked at the title of this post and said to themselves, “Exactly my thoughts! Why speak? Like most folks, I have a fear of public speaking. That’s the reason: “Why am I even reading this article?” That’s a fair question. Let me answer it.

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Five Best Commencement Speeches of 2011

June 6, 2011 coms 0

This collection of speeches hosts a wide range of speakers who reach into their own life experiences and lessons to deliver commencement addresses that are eloquent, humorous, and moving. Each speech was chosen for their inspirational nature, because they not only have the power to motivate upcoming and recent graduates, but also those of us who need a reminder of what it feels like to be wide-eyed twenty-something-year-old.