the pushback

The Pushback – Stop Living Through A Screen

It is 2016. Take a look around you. There are probably more people on a technological device than not. With each passing day, people are growing more and more dependent on the various portable devices available to us. These devices have become our lifeline, literally. Consider the transformation of the cell phone; its functionality not […] Read more »


What Is The Best Time To Tweet?

When should you be tweeting? What time of day maximizes exposure amongst your audience? Whether for personal use or business use, those who tweet want to maximize the number of views each tweet gets. The most common method of determining this time is tweeting during the hours of highest usage. These time frames may include […] Read more »


Are Political Campaigns on Facebook Effective?

The race for the next leader is on. Canadians and Americans are both being bombarded with political messages for the upcoming elections for Prime Minister and President, respectively. We see the commercials, we see the print ads but how do the candidates fare on the Internet, and more importantly, the ever present Facebook? A recent […] Read more »


Non-Profit Internet Campaigns

For those of us who frequent the online world; we’ve all seen them. Those pop up ads that appear requesting visitors to “Donate Now” to the most recent disaster or humanitarian crisis. In times of financial need, we are seeing an increasing number of companies turning to various Internet advertisements in order to reach their […] Read more »


Bloggers and Reviews – Can They Be Trusted?

Before making a purchase, whether big or small, usually requires a bit of research beforehand. Uncommon or infrequent items that involve a little more thought than your everyday items means searching the Internet looking for product or company reviews. It is more uncommon that people do not perform some form of research before paying the […] Read more »