Sales Manager Salary, Requirements and Career Information

Managerial positions, sales managers included, are highly coveted jobs that are constantly surrounded but competition. Strong computer and communication skills, related experience and superior creativity give college graduates access to all the good opportunities. While long hours including late nights and weekends and a large amount of travel is required of sales managers, they are […] Read more »


Getting Started With Social Media

Never before has society witnessed such an impactful force socially. Social media has blown up and redefined how we communicate with each other, with companies and with those who were once unreachable. Want company or product reviews? Check out their Facebook page. Have a question you need answered right now? Tweet the person or company. […] Read more »


Amazon Removes Gendered Toy Categories… Somewhat

What would happen if companies stopped marketing toys specifically to girls or boys? What if all the pink packaging around Barbie Dolls suddenly disappeared? Would the world descend into chaos? Toy companies have been employing gender-based toy marketing for decades, but it’s intensified in the past two decades, and now some parents and advocacy groups […] Read more »

Julian Treasure

Improving Your Vocal Toolbox – Tips from Julian Treasure

When you speak, do people listen? If you answered no or sometimes, Julian Treasure, sound consultant, says in this Ted Talk video that may be because of some bad habits. He believes many stop listening because of habits like gossip, judging, negativity, excuses, lying, and dogmatism; and in order to command attention, one must use […] Read more »


Yes, Twitter Is for Fiction Too

This talk — titled “Adventures in Twitter Fiction” — is presented by writer and editor Andrew Fitzgerald, who is also a member of the News and Journalism Partnerships team at Twitter, and helped to orchestrate the first Twitter Fiction Festival in 2012. In it, Fitzgerald discusses the development of storytelling and the impact that new […] Read more »

Communication Degree Online

Five of the Best Online Colleges for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

The success of businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations are dependent on those who are skilled in oral and written communication. There is a wide range of career options available for communication graduates and with the uprising of social networks, web sites and mobile applications the demand for communication specialists is growing. An increase in […] Read more »

using linguistics to build trust

3 Linguistic Tricks That Build Trust

If I asked you to tell me three immediate ways in which you could improve your trustworthiness — and these couldn’t be things that take a period of time like following through on what you say — you would probably list nonverbal concepts like speaking confidently and mirroring body language to develop rapport. And you […] Read more »


5 Minors That Compliment a Communication Major

With a communication degree from an accredited, respected university, you’ll have access to a tremendous number of job opportunities and internships. However, minors can also play a significant role in your career options (or lack thereof). While minors are optional, they’re well worth your consideration. Here are five minors that work well with a communication […] Read more »