Teen Cell Phone Statistics [Infographic]

The following data is taken from the Pew Internet Research Center. It details teenage cell phone use and reveals some interesting statistics on texting while driving, social media, average number of texts, how many teens own a cell phone, parental control, and more.

Through the infographic we find that 75 percent of teens own cell phones, 33 percent text more than 100 messages per day, and 11 percent send more than 200 texts per day. We also find out that girls on average send and receive 80 text messages a day, while boys only send and receive 30.

When it comes to driving, one in three teenagers between 16-17 have texted while driving. And, one in two that own cell phones have talked on their phone while behind the wheel.

23 percent of teenagers use social networks on their phone, while 63 percent have no mobile access to internet. Of the teens who do use mobile social networks, male and female use are almost identical, but the numbers favor females slightly.

Take a look at the infographic to find more teenage cell phone statistics.

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Teenager Cell Phone Use Infographic

Source: Flowtown


  1. Interesting statistics! Im surprised by the large difference in the number of text messages received/sent by boys and girls. I would have imagined that they would be fairly similar. Also surprised that the media usage was so close in numbers in comparison to text messaging.

    Over all the statistics sounds fairly reasonable.

  2. That was very interesting. Having a daughter, I’m not surprised that girls text at almost three times the rate that boys do. I am hoping that the same ratio is not found in the sharing of inappropriate photos.

  3. Staggering stats, amazing but not surprising that girls text so much more. With so many kids using cell phones at such a young age it will be interesting to see if there are more long term health effects or developmental issues in the future that stem from such ubiquitous usage today. Personally I think kids shouldn’t have phones before age 14 or 15 but in the end I guess it all comes back to the parents.

  4. Very interesting stuff, I knew cell phone usage was very prominent but the study showing 100 text sent a day blew me away. I also believe that social media usage will become a much larger metric within the next couple years. I use my cellphone to check twitter and facebook all throughout the day, social media will become a driving force of overall cell phone use. Very cool study though thanks for the article

  5. This was very interesting, I wonder how many teens would take their phone over their car. Definitely can’t have a child without a phone.

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