Gen Y Women & the Workplace [Infographic]

Any employer wondering what the future of the workplace will look like would be wise to take a good look at Generation Y. Members of Generation Y were born between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. They were the first generation to grow up using computers, and they are the first generation of Americans to grow up in a world where women doctors, judges and governors were commonplace. Now that they have become a large segment of the workforce, they bring their unique assumptions and expectations along with them.

The following infographic by Accenture sums up the ways in which Generation Y women differ from women of earlier generations in the workplace and details the ways in which they resemble those who came before them. For example, the majority of young women expect to be treated equally in the workplace. However, they are still much less likely to ask a superior for a raise than men of the same age.

Gen Y Women Workplace

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