Has Advertising Lost Its Credibility? [Infographic]

If you believe every claim on every advertisement that you see, you’re in the minority.

A new survey shows that consumers distrust advertisements, with only 3 percent describing ad claims as “very accurate.” 57 percent of respondents said that ads are somewhat exaggerated and 19 percent described advertising claims as very exaggerated.

The survey also asked consumers about the use of Photoshop in advertisements, with somewhat startling results. 96 percent of respondents said that half or more of weight loss ads were Photoshopped, while 87 percent said that half or more of cleaning product ads were digitally touched up.

Consumers said that ads should make an effort to build product awareness, educate, and stay relatable, and 71 percent of respondents said that humor was important. A surprising 17 percent said that they want advertisements legally regulated.

The survey doesn’t really provide any breakthrough revelations, but advertisers and marketing professionals may want to think twice before making difficult-to-prove claims or advertisements with convoluted messages. According to the research, consumers aren’t gullible enough to be easily misled.

Advertising Credibility Infographic

Infographic by: Lab42

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