Julian Treasure

Improving Your Vocal Toolbox – Tips from Julian Treasure

When you speak, do people listen? If you answered no or sometimes, Julian Treasure, sound consultant, says in this Ted Talk video that may be because of some bad habits. He believes many stop listening because of habits like gossip, judging, negativity, excuses, lying, and dogmatism; and in order to command attention, one must use […] Read more »

using linguistics to build trust

3 Linguistic Tricks That Build Trust

If I asked you to tell me three immediate ways in which you could improve your trustworthiness — and these couldn’t be things that take a period of time like following through on what you say — you would probably list nonverbal concepts like speaking confidently and mirroring body language to develop rapport. And you […] Read more »


How Language and Perception Change Each Other [Video]

One of the most powerful weapons a politician has is their words. By controlling language they can shape perceptions. Just think of the effect a phrase like “estate tax” has when turned to “death tax.” Far more powerful, right? In this TED Talk, Etymologist Mark Forsyth walks us through some historical examples of how politicians […] Read more »


3 Nonverbal Hacks to Improve Your Credibility

Credibility is everything. Newspapers that get the facts wrong are torn to shreds and politicians lacking experience don’t get elected, while people in lab coats command our respect immediately. Communication scholars define credibility as being the perception of one’s competence, trustworthiness, and goodwill. But as you probably know, perceptions can be hacked. Read more »


Confirmation Bias Is False, Says Study

A study suggests the thought that political partisans only immerse themselves in media which reinforce their beliefs may be unfounded. They discovered that even the most partisan readers visit mainstream news sites, as well as partisan sites that express views that oppose their own. Read more »

a boyfriend courts his girlfriend

Physical Attraction More Important than Many Realize [Study]

Most people will tell you what they prefer in a car or a house or a career, and for the most part, these preferences will predict which car or house or career they will choose. However, when people claim that physical attractiveness does not factor into their search for a partner, their claim may be less accurate in predicting who they will be attracted to. Read more »


Trusted Sources Lend Credibility to Online Portals [Study]

Just as retail stores are often judged by the brand names they stock, online news portals tend to be judged by the sources of the articles they post. According to a new study by researchers at Penn State and published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, people who access news articles from credible sources through online portals such as Yahoo News or Google News tend to view the portals themselves as more credible. Read more »