Every person needs to communicate with other people, but the barriers and subtleties of our interpersonal communications often go undetected. In this section of our blog, we look at the latest interpersonal communication studies and critical theories to develop a better understanding of how people communicate face-to-face and through new technologies like social networking websites and text messaging systems. We will also take a look at small group interactions to learn how our interpersonal skills change and adapt to different situations. By understanding our interpersonal skills, our group communicative skills and how these skills can develop in response to new technologies, we can look for ways to positively treat interpersonal disorders and how to change our interactions with other individuals.

Key Differences In Communicating To Small Teams And Large Teams

August 3, 2012 Rosie Symonds 0

The importance of communication cannot be overstated in business or in the workplace. It is such an essential aspect of business that no business team […]

School Uniforms: Simple Solution for Better Schools or Pointless Tyranny?

July 29, 2012 Sarah Thompson 0

There was a time when a school uniform on a student was proof of private school attendance. More and more, however, public schools have instituted […]

The Disembodied Body Language of Email

May 17, 2012 Jeffrey Ventrella 0

With computer-mediated communication, reading and writing have become a tango. Text is ephemeral, disposable, spontaneous – much like real-time natural language. In fact, texting occurs at near-conversation rates. How does this alter our experience of the written word? When text communication approaches this rate of exchange, something new kicks in: emotions and fleeting thoughts get mingled with the generation of words.

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