Key Differences In Communicating To Small Teams And Large Teams

The importance of communication cannot be overstated in business or in the workplace. It is such an essential aspect of business that no business team can succeed without it. But, are there any key differences in communicating to small teams and large teams that constitute any major advantages in their performance? Let’s take a closer […] Read more »


School Uniforms: Simple Solution for Better Schools or Pointless Tyranny?

There was a time when a school uniform on a student was proof of private school attendance. More and more, however, public schools have instituted dress codes that require uniforms. In many cases, these policies are based on the belief that uniforms are a quick and easy fix for school violence, bullying, inattention and a […] Read more »

Networking Events

Why Networking Events Remain Important Even in the Age of Social Media

In the age of remote interaction, you could be forgiven for thinking that physical networking events were something of an unnecessary corporate expense. After all, social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have revolutionized the way in which individuals build their professional contacts and interact with their clients and colleagues, and this has […] Read more »


The Limitations of Being a Know-It-All and How to Overcome Them

Remember Cliff Clavin, the know-it-all postal worker on “Cheers”? While the barfly character was extremely knowledgeable when it came to useless information, his being such a know-it-all was also a source of comic relief on the show. People laughed and snickered at Cliff on the show, which is what could happen to you if you […] Read more »

Not Alone but Lonely

Social Media Changes Communication for the Worse

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, we live in a world of infinite and instant connections. But do social media connections equal fulfilling relationships? We can have 3,000 Facebook friends but no one to hang out with on Friday night. We can post every random thought that flits through our mind but find […] Read more »


Is Social Media Hurting Our Social Skills? [Infographic]

Over the past decade, the Internet has permanently changed the way that the average person communicates with loved ones, friends and colleagues. Some of these changes are positive. People who live abroad can keep in touch with their families, for instance, and people with irregular hours can use websites like Facebook to avoid missing out […] Read more »


University Graduates are Lacking Crucial Interpersonal Skills

More students than ever are looking to graduate from a four-year university and go on to graduate school. This makes the job market fiercely competitive and thus, many graduates have been struggling to find work. This competition would make many think that once someone had acquired a job, they would never let it go, right? Wrong. […] Read more »

Good conversation starters

23 Good Conversation Starters for Any Situation

Sometimes, the only thing standing between two people and a great conversation is an icebreaker. Rather than relying on rehearsed one-liners, however, try using these opening ideas to help you start conversations. Self-disclosure makes others feel closer to you and makes them more willing to share themselves. Therefore, saying, “I love baseball. My dad used […] Read more »


The Disembodied Body Language of Email

With computer-mediated communication, reading and writing have become a tango. Text is ephemeral, disposable, spontaneous – much like real-time natural language. In fact, texting occurs at near-conversation rates. How does this alter our experience of the written word? When text communication approaches this rate of exchange, something new kicks in: emotions and fleeting thoughts get mingled with the generation of words. Read more »