School Uniforms: Simple Solution for Better Schools or Pointless Tyranny?

There was a time when a school uniform on a student was proof of private school attendance. More and more, however, public schools have instituted dress codes that require uniforms. In many cases, these policies are based on the belief that uniforms are a quick and easy fix for school violence, bullying, inattention and a […] Read more »


Does Yahoo’s New CEO Signal the End of the Glass Ceiling?

Unless you have spent your summer beneath a rock, you know that Yahoo has chosen Marissa Mayer, formerly an executive at Google, to be the company’s new CEO. You also know that Mayer is pregnant with her first child. This move is being hailed as a milestone in the struggle for equal rights in the […] Read more »


President Obama’s Aurora Speech Highlights the Bravery of Stephanie Davies

On Sunday evening following the horrible tragedy that took place at the the ‘Dark Knight’ premiere, President Obama addressed the nation from Aurora, Colorado. Comforting a country — especially following one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history — is no easy task, but Obama does his best by highlighting a heroine rather than […] Read more »


Women Viewers Stick to Watching Feminine Olympic Events [Study]

Although women currently enjoy an unprecedented level of prominence in the world of sports, regular sports viewing is still at odds with accepted gender roles in the eyes of many women, according to a new study. Some women may also avoid watching sports that challenge traditional beliefs about gender. The report, conducted by researchers from […] Read more »

Not Alone but Lonely

Social Media Changes Communication for the Worse

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, we live in a world of infinite and instant connections. But do social media connections equal fulfilling relationships? We can have 3,000 Facebook friends but no one to hang out with on Friday night. We can post every random thought that flits through our mind but find […] Read more »


Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Gets Photoshopped

In Greek mythology, Venus is known as the goddess of beauty. She has been portrayed over the years in endless paintings by world renowned masters like Botticelli and Bouguereau. But how would Venus fair in today's photoshopped society? Would she still be considered beautiful? Would Botticelli have decided to paint the same woman? Read more »


It’s Time to Rethink Pink, Says Anti-Gender Stereotyping Campaign

Two British mothers have joined forces to protest what they see as increasing gender stereotyping among manufacturers and retailers who target children. Emma and Abi Moore, twin sisters who have two children each, began their anti-stereotyping campaign, Pinkstinks, four years ago. Read more »


29 Famous People You Never Knew Had Communication Degrees

You may be surprised to find that many famous people in the entertainment, sports and political fields have more in common than a photogenic smile and a career spent in the public eye. Many of the people who manage to turn their time in the spotlight into successful careers have degrees in communication. Read more »