The Onion Rips on Social Media Experts [Video]

A new video from faux news source, The Onion, pokes fun at social media ‘experts’ who charge enormous amounts for questionable results. While the job is actually much different and more difficult than portrayed in the video, it is still a fun way for anyone in a PR or social media position to have a good chuckle.

The video alludes to the the popular TED Talks, with an opening that mimics TED’s visuals and follows with the Onion logo and the word “Talks.” In the video, the speaker has the audience applauding with just the word “social media.”

He then goes on to say, “Social media is the driving force behind the new economy. What does that mean? Nobody knows.”

He claims he and his colleagues have never had an original thought in their life, so when Cheetos came to them for online marketing, they were stumped. They then decided, let’s just make a Facebook page. Hughes was excited that people liked it for no reason and that Facebook had done all the work for them.

“Social media eliminates the need to provide value to anyone…any teenager could have done what we did, and for no money, and much faster,” Hughes then adds, “In the new social media economy you just have to keep looking like you’re doing work and people will pay you for it.”

If your career is a social media manager, does this make you laugh or make you mad? Let us know in the comments.

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