Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Gets Photoshopped

May 8, 2012 coms 0

In Greek mythology, Venus is known as the goddess of beauty. She has been portrayed over the years in endless paintings by world renowned masters like Botticelli and Bouguereau. But how would Venus fair in today’s photoshopped society? Would she still be considered beautiful? Would Botticelli have decided to paint the same woman?

Dating Tips from Ancient Greek Philosophers [Comic]

April 9, 2012 coms 2

Ancient Greek philosophers seemed to know it all. So it’s no surprise that philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, and Socrates would also speak the language of love fluently. We’ve compiled some of the most suave and debonaire quotes by Greek philosophers that would put even Cassanova to shame.

What Makes Great Infographics Great

April 2, 2012 coms 0

Today’s culture is obsessed with data. We love approval ratings of presidents, how the public feels about prescription drugs, and the ratings of our favorite TV shows. So it’s no wonder that infographics have been all the rage online. But just like anything, there’s good and there’s bad infographics. Bad infographics don’t go viral. Great ones do. Here are some tips for creating and designing brilliant, wonderful, great infographics.