Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Gets Photoshopped

May 8, 2012 coms 0

In Greek mythology, Venus is known as the goddess of beauty. She has been portrayed over the years in endless paintings by world renowned masters like Botticelli and Bouguereau. But how would Venus fair in today’s photoshopped society? Would she still be considered beautiful? Would Botticelli have decided to paint the same woman?

Popular U.S. News Sites by State: Who’s Reading What and Where

April 26, 2012 coms 0

A new graphic compiled by Hilary Mason and Anna Smith of and Forbes Magazine’s Jon Bruner shows the popularity of different online news sites across the United States. The team looked for unusually popular linked articles and compiled click-through information to create a color-coded map of the United States that shows the online news reporting preference of each state.

Viral TNT Ad Is Hilarious and Insightful [Video]

April 17, 2012 coms 0

Ever wonder how television drama actually compares to real life? Now you can find out. TNT, whose slogan reads, “Your Daily Dose of Drama,” gives us a taste of what it takes to make highly entertaining television through their new ad/viral video.

New Tool Shows Youth Overexposure To Alcohol-Related Advertising

April 12, 2012 coms 0

A new online tool draws attention to how young people are exposed to radio ads for wine, beer and hard liquor. The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth developed the tool at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health by tracking and analyzing the consistency of alcohol-related ads in 75 radio markets in 2009.

The Key to Happiness is Tragedy? [Study]

April 3, 2012 coms 0

Human existence being what it is, it would seem logical that people would seek out happy stories to help them escape from life’s harsh realities. Yet people who experience the everyday tragedies, disappointments and losses that all human beings experience actively seek out movies, television shows and books that depict tragedy. It now appears that the reason people take pleasure in watching tragedies is that tragedies actually make them feel happier.