Police officers to receive communication skills training

After an investigation into Seattle’s police, new training programs are being developed to improve the communication skills of Seattle and King County police officers.

KUOW reported:

The Justice Department is currently looking into several recent incidents involving improper use of force by Seattle police officers against people they had detained. Sanford says now all officers will be trained to use verbal skills before resorting to physical force in stressful situations with no immediate threat.

The ACLU of Washington has been a critic of Seattle’s police tactics. But the organization said the new training program will help improve relations between police and citizens. Doug Honig is a spokesman for the ACLU.

Honig: “One of the things the ACLU and other groups in the community have been talking about is the need for officers to have more tools to deescalate situations so that you don’t get to the situation where force is being used unnecessarily. And this is a valuable step in that direction.”

The program is said to take a year to develop and should prove to be a good step against unnecessary violence.

Source: KUOW

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