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Television Drove Viewers to the Web to Explore Obama-Muslim Rumors

September 28, 2010 coms 0

A study examining Americans’ interest in the rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim shows that the mainstream media – particularly television – still influences the topics that engage the public. Researchers found that online searches about the Obama-Muslim rumor spiked on days that the topic was heavily covered on national television networks, and that searches declined on days when there was less coverage.

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Political Communication Symposium at IE University

June 28, 2010 coms 0

In March 2010, over 50 worldwide experts on political communication gathered at IE University in Spain for a symposium co-organized by the IE School of Communication and the Annenberg School for Communication to discuss political communication. It covered the differences between political communication in varying countries, how media plays into modern political campaigns, if United States theories can apply to other countries, such as Spain, and much more. This video is a summary of that event.