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The Effect of Sexualized Lyrics on Adolescents [Study]

September 17, 2011 coms 0

The effects certain aspects of culture on children has been a subject of study for a number of years, and the effects of sexualized musical lyrics on adolescents is of particular concern. Researchers from Brigham Young University are examining the growing trend of including distinct explicit sexual lyrics in popular music. The journal, Sexuality & Culture, has published the results online to help educators develop plans to promote appropriate sexual development in today’s youth.

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Fame Emphasized in Popular TV Shows, Say Psychologists [Study]

September 2, 2011 coms 1

Every January, a highly advertised event occurs in the U.S.: a new season of the hit reality TV series “American Idol” begins. On the show, hundreds of teens and young adults compete for a chance to sing before a national audience and possibly earn a record deal. Since its inception, the show has become the highest rated in the history of television, with more votes cast for the performers per season than for the nation’s president. Cue the lights, camera and—psychologists say—the skewed lesson on human values.

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Newspaper Endorsements Influence Voters [Study]

August 18, 2011 coms 0

Voters might like to think that they cannot be swayed by the influence of media endorsements, but Brian Knight and Chun Fang Chiang, researchers at Brown University, recently published a study in The Review of Economic Studies which states that media endorsements do have a significant effect of the decisions of voters.

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Viewing Idealized Body Images Temporarily Increases Personal Body Satisfaction [Study]

July 27, 2011 coms 0

A recent study suggests that viewing ideal female body types can initially provide improved body image satisfaction. However, some notable behavior changes occurred in the women reporting significant increases in body image satisfaction: These participants made dietary alterations during the course of the study, including methods such as decreasing carbohydrate intake and meal skipping.

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Power and Pressure: The Media in Africa

May 14, 2011 coms 0

With the sub-Saharan economies in Africa now relying on the extraction of natural resources for growth, they have begun to look at the media to […]

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New media needs to improve communication about weight and health

May 13, 2011 coms 0

There is a belief among people that weight and health is a matter of personal responsibility and therefore little can be done on a policy level to affect individual behavior. But, a panel moderated by editor of Health Affairs, Susan Dentzer, found that uninformed and unrealistic media who promote this view may not only be negatively effect individual behavior, but also how policy makers approach issues of weight and health.

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Will the distracting nature of media multitasking change advertising?

May 5, 2011 coms 0

In today’s world of television, cell phones, computers, and other media, multitaskers typically praise their skill as an effective way to navigate this hundred mile an hour culture. Turns out, their confidence may be mistaken. According to a new study on media multitasking by Boston College researchers, multitasking is only driving people to distraction. So, what does that mean for advertisers? Which medium is best?