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Teleworkers more satisfied than office-based employees

November 16, 2010 coms 0

Employees who telecommute the majority of the work week are more satisfied with their jobs compared to those working mostly in the office because working remotely alleviates more stress than it creates, according to a new study by a communication researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM).

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Women executives twice as likely to leave their jobs as men

October 5, 2010 coms 0

A new study has determined that female executives are more than twice as likely to leave their jobs – voluntarily and involuntarily – as men. Yet despite systemic evidence that women are more likely to depart from their positions, the researchers did not find strong patterns of discrimination.

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‘Science of team science’ created to improve teamwork on collaborative research efforts

October 1, 2010 coms 0

Tackling today’s complex scientific questions often requires work from interdisciplinary collaborative research teams — and working in those teams can create its own problems. Now a group of researchers from around the country, including North Carolina State University, has published a commentary in the journal Science Translational Medicine outlining a new field of study that will help resolve problems facing interdisciplinary research teams.