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Men See Discussion of Problems as ‘A Waste of Time,’ Says Study

October 24, 2011 coms 0

Since time immemorial, psychologists—and women—have assumed that men avoid talking about problems due to feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with their emotions, or because of a society that degrades men for appearing “weak.” However, a new study from researchers at the University of Missouri reveals that men simply view discussing problems as a waste of their time.

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The Role of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Environments and Real Life Scenarios [Study]

October 14, 2011 coms 0

Modern technology has made great strides in personal communication, but some of the body gestures that are so critical to full understanding are lost in virtual translation. In a typical face-to-face communication, speakers and listeners both engage in certain body gestures that convey meaning and intent, but many technological advances in virtual communication have failed to account for this. According to research published in the PLoS ONE online journal, this limitation severely dampens the ability to communicate virtually.